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  Rene Burri Biography

Rene Burri Biography

born Zurich (SWITZERLAND) 1933

Born in Zurich, Rene Burri studied composition, color and design at the School for Arts and Crafts in his hometown. Later on as he became a photographer, he also pursued his earlier interests in series of diary-like collages and by integrating writing, painting and photography.

From 1953-55 he worked as a documentary filmmaker and started using a Leica while he was in the military service. In 1955 he made contact with Magnum through Werner Bischof, and his first reportage on deaf-mute children was published in Life and other European magazines.

As of 1956 Burri was traveling in Europe and the Middle East on Magnum assignments. The work he did in Germany was published in his first book with a foreword by Jean Baudrillard. In 1959 Burri became a full member of Magnum; he had just spent six months in South America for his reportage on the gauchos.

In the 1960s Burri photographed artists such as Picasso, Giacometti and Le Corbusier for Du magazine. In 1963, while working in Cuba, he made portraits of Fidel Castro and of a young Che Guevara smoking a cigar, which became famous in poster form. In the 1960s and 1970s Burri reported from war zones in Vietnam and Cambodia, and from Beirut in the 1980s. He shot a number of films among which "The Two Faces of China" for the BBC.

Burri also co-curated the Magnum exhibition Terre de Guerre (Land of War) with fellow member Bruno Barbey.

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Select Exhibitions

  • 2004 - Retrospective 1950-2000 Rene Burri, Maison Europeene de la Photographie Paris France
  • 2004 - Photographs Rene Burri, C/O Berlin . The Cultural Forum for Photography Berlin Germany
  • 2004 - Photographs by Rene Burri of Architects and Architecture, The Gallery at Hermes, New York NY
  • 2006 - Rene Burri: Retrospective 1950 - 2000, Manchester Art Gallery
  • 2006 - Rene Burri, Atlas Gallery 49 Dorset Street, WIU 7NF London
  • 2006 - Utopia Rene Burri, WestLicht Westbahnstr. 40, 1070 Wien Austria

Select Artwork

  • Pablo Picasso, Villa la Californie, Cannes - 1957
  • Plage de Copacabana. Rio de Janeiro - 1958
  • Le Corbusier, Paris - 1959
  • Rhenanie-Palatinat - 1959
  • Men on a Rooftop, Sao Paulo - 1960
  • American GIs in club, Tae Song Dong - 1961
  • Che Guevara, The icon - 1963
  • Ma Cheo People's Commune, near Shanghai - 1964
  • Kalligraphierender Mann, Peking, China - 1965
  • Yasmine and David - 1967
  • Alte Frau vor Filmplakat, Tokio, Japan - 1972
  • Child, Liberia - 1975
  • Empire State Building, New York - 1978
  • Flatiron Building, New York - 1978
  • Carmen and Carmen, Kourou, French Guyana - 1984


  • "One of these days, I'm going to publish a book of all the pictures I did not take. It is going to be a huge hit"
  • "The ultimate photo - there's no such thing. But the camera is my third eye. I've even called it my mistress. It's become a part of me, just as a favorite and well-used tool becomes an extension of the craftsman's hand."
  • It is virtually impossible to convey the horror of war in photographs. And I have too much respect for the dead to expose them to the voraciousness of newspapers and magazines.


  • Rene Burri Photographs - by Rene Burri, Phaidon Press 2004
  • Le Corbusier Photographs by Rene Burri - Birkhauser 1999


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 Rene Burri

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